Boost Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rate With Bold360 Chatbot


Using a Bold360 chatbot is an excellent way to boost your customer satisfaction and retention rate. It allows you to offer an automated, personalized customer service experience. It is also easy to integrate with your existing CRM software and can be easily programmed to learn new languages.


Having a Bold360 chatbot integrated into your website or app is one of the best ways to increase your sales and customer satisfaction. They can also help your agents deliver more effective customer support. This is because they are available at all times and can provide detailed client information.

Besides being a live chat tool, Bold360 can also be integrated into your applications through their SDK framework. This allows you to embed your live chat into native apps. You can also engage customers from anywhere in the world.

A Bold360 Chatbot works with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to converse with your customers. It can also analyze data to provide you with important insights. It also may act as an advisor to your live chat agent. It will also update search results based on the responses it receives. It also provides you with a list of areas where you should optimize for better customer outcomes.

The Bold360 Voices Dashboard is another useful feature. It is designed to capture key insights and provide rich, personalized interactions. It also provides reports and analytics. It also helps you to seamlessly transition customers to a human sales rep. It will also guide you through personalized shopping journeys.

The Bold360 Workflow API is an additional feature that lets you integrate your Bold360 chatbot into your application. This feature supports blended agents, universal agents, and environments that manage work assignments and agent provisioning. It also integrates with personnel provisioning systems.

There are four separate APIs for Bold360: Integration, Workflow, Data Extraction, and Provisioning. These can be accessed through the Developer Site. You can also use them to add video chat to your website.

Data extraction API

Using a Data extraction API for Bold360 chatbot can give your business the tools it needs to monitor operations and analyze the results. This helps you gain valuable insights into your customer’s experiences. You can also use the API to automate bulk data exports. This can be beneficial in custom reporting, data warehousing, or tracking.

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Using a Data extraction API for Bold360 bots can help you provide a customized experience for customers. This is done by providing them with information and answering their questions. Moreover, you can use a Data extraction API for Bold360 to improve your agents’ productivity.

By enabling AI to work behind the scenes, Bold360 bots free up your agents to focus on more complex work. They can also handle high-value work, such as routine customer interactions. They can also be used to assist with live agent training.

The Data extraction API for Bold360 chatbot has been designed to support automated bulk data exports. This means you can create custom reports and track operations. You can also use the API to programmatically delete content in your autoresponder.

You can use the Data extraction API for Bold360 to programmatically edit canned messages. You can also programmatically add or change agents. You can even programmatically delete auto answers.

The Data extraction API for Bold360 is a JSON REST API. This allows for bi-directional RESTful API calls. You can also integrate with systems that manage agent provisioning. This makes it easier to customize your experience.

You can also use the Data extraction API for Bold360 in conjunction with other platforms. This way you can keep your client data in one place. You can then combine them with other customer data to analyze how they interact with your company. This will allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Provisioning API

Using the Bold360 Provisioning API, you can programmatically add or remove operators from your chatbot. You can also customize canned messages and create new operator profiles.

Aside from using APIs, you can also use Bold360’s SDKs to make it easier to integrate the platform into your applications. You can use these to configure knowledge bases, access the platform’s APIs and custom-build widgets. You can also use the Bold360 mobile SDK to engage customers on their favorite devices.

You can even customize your chatbot’s look and feel. For example, you can add a welcome message and change the status of the button to “away”. You can also design your chatbot to perform specific actions. For example, you can customize it to display FAQs or answers to multiple choice questions.

You can also block certain words from the chat window. You can also set a queue to handle conversations and route them to the right department.

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You can also import knowledge base articles into the bot. In addition, you can also customize the interface of the bot to help it learn more about your clients. You can even modify the resolution of your chatbot.

You can also use the Bold360 Voices Dashboard to cluster customer intents from different messaging channels. The platform then provides real-time insights based on actual customer experiences. This helps you to improve your customer service.

You can also use the Bold360 Data Extraction API to automatically export data from your operations. The API is a JSON REST-based application that you can use to analyze and track your operations. It can also be used for data warehousing and custom reporting.

Finally, you can use the Bold360 AI SDK to customize your bot. You can also customize your knowledge base and knowledge portal, and you can program your bot to interact with 3rd party providers.

Boost customer satisfaction rate

Boost customer satisfaction rate with Bold360 chatbot. This chatbot can answer simple questions and suggest related services. It can even make recommendations based on user preferences.

Customers can interact with the chatbot through any channel. This means that they can talk to it over Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, or Slack. It can also serve customers without having to file support tickets. For example, it can help car shoppers configure their vehicles or recommend travel insurance.

When it comes to customer experience, the PwC study found that 80% of Americans are looking for knowledgeable help and speed. Companies can improve their customer experience by using data from every interaction. They can use the data to improve customer service and boost customer satisfaction. They can also use it to qualify leads and direct them to a sales team. They can save 30% on customer support costs by integrating a chatbot into their customer service efforts.

Bold360 is a customer experience management platform that uses AI to personalize the conversations between a bot and a human. Its integration with live agent and other services such as MS Teams and SMS makes it easy for companies to deliver a seamless customer experience. It is a valuable tool for mid-segment and enterprise-level companies. It has security features to prevent hackers from accessing information. It has a free trial period of 12 months. However, its UI is outdated, which hinders the productivity of end users. The platform can be helpful for small and mid-segment businesses, but it is not as visually appealing as newer bots.

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With a free trial, you can try out Bold360 and find out if it will meet your business’s needs. It has five pricing tiers, from a free plan with one chatbot to the Pro plan, which includes up to 100,000 messages per month.

Ability to learn new languages

Having a chatbot can be a great way to improve your speaking skills. With a bot, you get instant answers. Plus, you can bring the lessons back in different contexts to improve your confidence. This is a great way to expand your horizons and learn new languages. It also gives you a chance to practice your new language skills with a snack-sized lesson.

The Bold360 chatbot is built with patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. This means the bot can interpret and respond to complex language. And it can remember the context of the whole conversation for a seamless experience. This is the type of technology that can help your business get the most out of your customer interactions.

The Bold360 SDK can be used to embed the chatbot in your mobile app. You can also integrate the Bold360 with other applications by using the API. The API allows you to read information from other systems and write it to the Bold360 platform. It also supports bi-directional RESTful API calls, enabling you to present data to customers from disparate systems.

The other cool thing about the Microsoft Azure chatbot is that it can handle inquiries from across the entire enterprise. This is a great feature for large organizations that need to engage with their customers in many different languages. It can also help you eliminate the complexity of deploying and training a chatbot. It offers a no-code training interface and personalized contextual experiences. It can also guide you to a human agent if you need help.

The Bold360 AI chatbot is designed to manage customer acquisition and conversion, as well as manage customer onboarding. Its patented NLP technology can help you get the most out of your customer interactions, filling in knowledge base gaps and understanding your customer’s needs.

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