India The Most Recent Nation That May Call For Apple To Change To USB-C For The iPhone

India’s government is examining embracing common chargers for all portable electronic gadgets, adding yet one more government to the lineup that wants to have Apple to move away from its Lightning adapter.

Following Europe’s directive that USB C be adopted as a charging standard by 2024, India is contemplating doing the very same. On Wednesday, 17th August, this year, Indian Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh ran a meeting with producers to start investigating the issue.

Reported by local area paper the Deccan Herald, the federal government has opted to look at using two common chargers. One of the two may possibly be USB C, but there was no data on exactly what the secondary variety might be.

The govt is now establishing three unconnected groups to have a look at the issue, and its experts are to submit a report inside of two months.

Each of the teams will each examine different types of gadgets. One will be involved with phones, one with laptops and tablets, and the third with wearables.

Ahead of Wednesday’s assembly, Singh outlined the process as being actually more of an explorative nature and that the groups will try to pick up from the stakeholders how a standard charger could be used in India. He likewise explained the teams will additionally try to recognize all interested parties and their concerns.

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