Panasonic in Talks to Establish $4 Billion Oklahoma EV Battery Factory

Panasonic has partnered with Tesla for over a ten years to provide batteries

Battery maker, Panasonic, is reportedly holding negotiations to build a third electric vehicle battery industrial plant within the US.

The Japanese business currently jointly manages a battery factory with Tesla in Nevada, and also has obtained approval to build a secondary battery manufacturing facility in Kansas. Having said that, as The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal reports, many people acquainted with the matter think Panasonic would like to establish a third plant, and also is willing to spend yet another $4 billion in the process.

The most likely site for this third factory is Oklahoma, and it would work as a companion to the Kansas plant. The two will produce brand new EV batteries at the same rate to stay on top of growing need for the cars. The Kansas facility is likewise predicted to cost $4 billion as well as generate 8,000 jobs in the process. Oklahoma would undoubtedly appreciate a comparable boost to local area work if the new factory gets the green light.

Meanwhile, no one is commenting, including Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. However, it’s worth noting that EV startup Canoo is readying to start off producing vehicles at a manufacturing plant in Oklahoma, and also the firm signed a battery supply deal with Panasonic last year. Canoo is likewise set to provide Walmart with 4,500 all-electric delivery vehicles next year.

Back in February, Panasonic announced that it would launch assembly-line production of Tesla’s new 4680 battery by the end of March 2024. But, that manufacturing is preparing for brand new lines at the company’s Wakayama plant within Japan.

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The all new facility in Kansas, and also now possibly Oklahoma, will likely also generate the 4680 batteries when they come online, and Tesla says are key if we want EVs that are prices at $25,000.

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