Introducing Supabase Studio 3.0: A Game-Changer for Developers

Supabase AI

Supabase AI Integration Takes SQL Editor to the Next Level

Supabase Studio 3.0 is here with exciting new features, including the game-changing addition of Supabase AI integrated into the SQL Editor. Say goodbye to the hassle of writing SQL, as this update brings a whole new level of convenience.

Improved SQL Editor with Supabase AI

The latest release of Supabase Studio brings a significant enhancement to the SQL Editor. Not only does it feature Supabase AI directly integrated into the editor, but it also offers continuous access and assistance. Have a specific prompt? Simply ask Supabase AI to create a table, write database functions, or make any other common SQL tasks a breeze.

Visualize SQL Changes with Diff View

In addition to Supabase AI, a new diff view has been added to Supabase Studio, allowing you to view changes made by Supabase AI to your SQL snippet, similar to a Git diff. You can easily accept or reject the changes and continue working until you’re completely satisfied.

Supabase AI: The Ultimate SQL Teacher

Supabase has recognized the challenge of teaching developers SQL and has found the perfect solution – Supabase AI. With the integration of AI, learning SQL becomes easier than ever before. Say goodbye to spending weekends struggling to scale databases, and start exploring the powerful capabilities of Supabase AI in the SQL Editor right away.

More Exciting Updates Coming Soon

Supabase plans to integrate Supabase AI into more areas of the Studio in the coming months. With the underlying power of Postgres, there are endless possibilities to enhance SQL capabilities with a touch of AI. Keep an eye out for the Supabase AI icon; you never know where it might pop up next.

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Community-Driven Improvements

Supabase Studio 3.0 not only introduces groundbreaking AI features but also includes various user-requested enhancements. The Supabase community’s invaluable feedback and contributions have played a vital role in shaping these updates.

Enhanced Collaboration with Project Snippets

Share your meticulously crafted SQL snippets with fellow team members using Supabase Studio’s new project-wide snippet feature. By creating and sharing personal snippets, you can foster collaboration, save time, and showcase your technical prowess.

Effortless Database Migrations

Supabase now offers a new user-friendly interface for working with database migrations directly from the Studio. Database migrations enable you to update your database using version-controlled SQL files, keeping track of changes over time. Stay informed about migration details, including when and by whom they were executed, and the changes made to the database.

Unify Your Data with Supabase Wrappers

Supabase Wrappers, a framework for building foreign data wrappers with Postgres, empowers your Supabase project to act as a comprehensive data hub. Centralize all your data seamlessly with this powerful tool.

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