Lab Based Usability Experiments Provide a Qualitative Perspective of Complex Sites

Usability testing is a method of looking at how a person interacts with your web site or an application on the site. Although several methods of usability testing are capable of uncovering glitches in images and navigation cues, our process guarantees that you get a detailed map of what to change and what to expect. When we finish reporting our findings to your development team, we will also make sure you are capable of measuring the impact of the implemented changes.

Wicked Business Sciences prides itself on being up on the foremost advances in usability technologies and methodologies. Our usability sciences process allows for the thorough and valuable testing of web sites and other interface information at the most economical and efficient means possible. The dedicated team of lab based usability practitioners at our facility in Fort Lauderdale is versed in the latest methods and means to producing high-quality insights.

Testing your site is not a simple novelty to be handled and measured arbitrarily. The key to producing actionable output from usability testing is to make use of all the data which you can gather to understand how your subject feels. This takes training and experience with real users. It also takes hours of careful analysis and comparison. It is for this reason, in most cases, we suggest that multiple tests be conducted through our process, and be analyzed by our test-proficient staff.

When making the move to invest in a usability testing program it is important to realize the big picture. Tremendous care is needed to address how subjects are chosen, testing is performed, and the process by which the weight of the findings are measured, analyzed and presented. We actually developed a systematic approach to making tests efficient and effective:

  • Pre-Test Analysis: Before any testing is performed, even before a proposal is written up, our analysts look at the site which is to be tested. Weights are then attached to each indivual attribute of user interaction on and throughout the site’s natural path of navigation. This simple outline creates a wealth of efficient data collection and aids in analysis during and after the experiments.
  • Usability Subject Selection : Similar to the ways most dating sites work, we actually have usability compatibility measurements, sort of. We take a solid look at the personality type and the level of familiarity or market-relevance of a potential subject for testing. After sifting these into appropriate places, we call on the subjects as necessary to participate in our web usability studies.
  • Problem Scripting : Based on the preliminary analysis which is performed prior to any test development, Wicked Business Sciences creates custom scripts. These scripts account for the subject’s apparent styles and help relate their experience to that of the common market for your site. Test and control groups are run, as well as additional usability groups which attempt to uncover additional points with respect to Section 508 compliance and language issues.
  • Usability Test Execution: After taking a few days to prepare and schedule testing, Wicked Business Sciences invites chosen subjects to attend and participate in on-site, controlled environment testing at our first fully functional usability lab in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During testing, a trained expert in usability sits in with the subject and observes as navigation takes place by means of the highly researched script.
  • Data Collection and Observer Participation: While the test is underway in the controlled usability lab, several methods of participation exist for a team of observing managers. From a remote location nearby the lab, our experiment is transmitted in real-time and presented with an interactive interface for logging comments with regard to items of interest, comments made by the subject, and even facial expressions which also undergo additional analysis with regard to kinesics and proxemics.
  • Full Compilation Analysis : After all the tests have been completed and any additional issues have been included or excluded based on repetition of tasks, a full analysis is performed to ensure that major issues are elevated to higher importance and met with suggestions to improve the overall site usability as well as task-specific issues which may require little attention but yield a great deal of value.
  • Calculated Report & Highlight Reel : After the test and analysis are performed, compiled, and all backed research-based best-practices are suggested, Wicked Business Sciences submits a full report detailing items and insights. This report comes in the form of a detailed analysis of each major issue concerning subject and user experience with regard to web site usability. Along with the report, ordering issues from most to less important, a video DVD of the compiled tasks and a chart are sent to complement the analysis. This will provide your company with a roadmap to immediately improving your overall conversion, in whatever form that may take.
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