LinkedIn May Be Developing AI-Powered Job Coach


LinkedIn, the popular professional networking platform owned by Microsoft, might be launching an AI-powered job coach to assist users with job searching, applications, and company research. The news comes from web developer Nima Owji, who frequently uncovers unreleased features of various applications.

What the AI Coach Offers

The AI coach, called LinkedIn Coach, aims to help users learn new skills, apply for jobs, and expand their professional networks. Powered by AI technology, the coach can provide assistance backed by the vast resources and data available on LinkedIn.

The tool offers examples of queries users might ask, such as “how does Coach work?,” “what does Microsoft do?,” and “what is the culture of Microsoft?” This suggests that the coach can help users with not only job-related inquiries, but also provide information about companies and their work environment.

LinkedIn’s AI Endeavors

LinkedIn is not the only platform investing in AI. Microsoft, the parent company of LinkedIn, has been actively working on the development of AI tools. Earlier this year, Microsoft made its Bing GPT-4 chatbot available to the public, and it has been engaged in the development of an AI chip, codenamed Athena, since 2019.

The partnership between Microsoft and major accounting and consulting firm KPMG for the joint development of generative AI tools further emphasizes Microsoft’s commitment to AI innovation. Additionally, Microsoft has made significant investments in OpenAI, demonstrating its belief in the potential of artificial intelligence.

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LinkedIn’s Response

When asked about the development of the AI coach tool, LinkedIn did not provide specific details. Amanda Purvis, a company representative, stated in an email to Insider, “We are always exploring new ways to improve our member’s experience on LinkedIn and will have more to share soon.” This suggests that LinkedIn is constantly seeking ways to enhance the user experience and may have more exciting updates in the pipeline.

Overall, the potential introduction of an AI-powered job coach on LinkedIn could revolutionize the job search process for users, providing personalized assistance and valuable insights into companies and their culture. Stay tuned for more updates from LinkedIn as they continue to push the boundaries of AI technology.

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