Qualcomm and Meta Collaborate to Bring On-Device AI Applications Using Llama 2

Qualcom 4 Advantages Of AI

Introducing On-Device AI

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is teaming up with Meta to bring on-device AI capabilities to flagship smartphones and PCs starting from 2024. This collaboration will allow developers to create innovative generative AI applications using the power of Snapdragon platforms.

The Benefits of On-Device AI

On-device AI implementation offers a range of advantages, including increased user privacy, enhanced application reliability, and personalization. By running AI models like Llama 2 directly on devices, developers can also save on cloud costs, making it a more cost-effective solution.

Unlocking New AI Experiences

Qualcomm Technologies plans to make on-device Llama 2-based AI implementations available, enabling the development of new and exciting AI applications. This opens up possibilities for intelligent virtual assistants, productivity tools, content creation apps, entertainment experiences, and more.

Focusing on Privacy and Reliability

One key benefit of on-device AI is the ability to provide private and reliable experiences. These on-device AI applications powered by Snapdragon can work in areas with limited or no connectivity, and even in airplane mode, ensuring reliable performance for users.

Praise for Meta’s Approach

Durga Malladi, senior vice president and general manager of technology, planning and edge solutions businesses at Qualcomm Technologies, commended Meta’s commitment to open and responsible AI. Malladi emphasized the importance of running AI on both the cloud and devices at the edge to bring generative AI into the mainstream.

Building on a Strong Partnership

Meta (formerly Facebook) and Qualcomm Technologies have a longstanding history of collaboration. Their shared efforts to support the Llama ecosystem through research and product engineering make them well-positioned to optimize on-device AI execution.

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Looking Ahead to 2024

Starting from 2024, Snapdragon-powered devices will support Llama 2-based AI implementations. Developers can already begin optimizing their applications for on-device AI using the Qualcomm® AI Stack, a dedicated set of tools for more efficient AI processing on Snapdragon.

For more infomation see https://www.qualcomm.com/news/releases/2023/07/qualcomm-works-with-meta-to-enable-on-device-ai-applications-usi .

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