Quora’s AI chatbot Poe continues to impress with new features


New enterprise package and custom bot search

Quora’s AI chatbot product Poe is keeping up with the demands of its users by constantly updating and adding new features. In recent days, the company has announced two exciting additions: the ability to search for custom bots and the launch of an enterprise tier for its premium plans.

Enterprise package for employees on the horizon

In a recent email to customers, Poe revealed its plans to introduce an enterprise package specifically designed for employees. While the company has not shared many details, interested individuals can sign up for the waitlist to stay updated. This offering seems to cater to corporate clients, providing a group subscription package that allows employees to access Poe’s premium tier. However, it remains unclear whether customized chatbots will be available for these corporate users.

Expansion and improvements

Poe has made significant progress since its subscription launch in March. It initially offered early access to advanced models exclusively for paid users before extending the feature to free users. Last week, the chatbot’s availability was further expanded with the addition of Japanese language support. Additionally, Poe introduced a search functionality that simplifies the process of finding custom bots within the platform.

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Streamlined bot creation and enhanced responses

Poe has been empowering users to create their own custom bots using simple prompts since April. To enhance the user experience, the company now facilitates the discovery of these bots. In May, “temperature” control was introduced, allowing users to customize their bot’s responses for more varied or consistent interactions. Moreover, Poe recently implemented a threading feature that enables users to have separate conversations with the same bot, providing different contexts if desired.

Expanded platform accessibility

Poe initially released its iOS app to the public in February and followed up with an Android version in May. In July, the company took another step forward by launching a native Mac app, providing users with one-click access to their chatbots.

As Quora continues to invest in the development of Poe, users can look forward to even more exciting updates and new features in the future.

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