Shopify Expands Generative AI Features with Shopify Magic


At its Editions conference, Shopify announced a range of new features under its generative AI brand, Shopify Magic. These features include providing tailored customer answers, generating content for blog posts, product descriptions, and marketing emails, and interpreting business-related questions via a new AI tool called Sidekick. Miqdad Jaffer, Shopify’s head of product for AI, emphasized the company’s commitment to keeping businesses on the cutting edge of technology and making AI accessible to all.

New Capabilities of Shopify Magic

Powered by proprietary Shopify data and language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Shopify Magic can now generate customized blog posts for events, holidays, and campaigns. Merchants can also use Magic to automatically create customer email content, such as weekly newsletters and announcements. To ensure accuracy and safety, Shopify merchants have the opportunity to review the content generated by Magic before publishing, and Shopify’s AI features are not allowed to make changes to the company’s production systems.

Introducing Sidekick: Shopify’s Conversational AI Assistant

The highlight announcement from Shopify is Sidekick, a conversational AI assistant designed to understand and assist with various tasks related to running a Shopify store. Sidekick can answer questions, summarize information from sales documents, perform product research, and help merchants with marketing engagement. Additionally, Sidekick can modify shop designs, suggesting product collections for the home page and offering themes and copy suggestions for banners. In a recent demo video, Sidekick showcased its ability to provide insights and make recommendations to a snowsports supply merchant.

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The Power of AI for Merchants

Shopify believes that AI can greatly benefit individuals building and growing their businesses. The company continues to evolve and tailor features like Sidekick to meet the needs of its merchants. By harnessing the capabilities of generative AI, Shopify aims to provide powerful tools that drive innovation and success in the world of e-commerce. Read more about Shopify Sidekick

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