Snapchat Expands its Horizons with ‘Dreams’: A Dive into Generative AI


Snapchat continues to push the boundaries of technology as it prepares to expand further into generative artificial intelligence (AI) features. Following the successful launch of My AI, an AI-powered chatbot, Snapchat is now gearing up for its forthcoming generative AI feature called “Dreams.” With Dreams, Snapchat aims to experiment with AI images that may soon include users and their friends in imaginative backgrounds.

Snapchat has been developing features that allow users to take or upload selfies which the app can then use to generate new pictures in various scenarios. This functionality bears resemblance to other AI photo apps available on the App Store.

One such app, Remini, gained popularity last month as TikTok users discovered they could upload selfies and receive professional-looking headshots for platforms like LinkedIn without the need for an expensive photoshoot.

However, Snapchat’s aspirations for Dreams go beyond ordinary headshots. Research indicates that Snapchat envisions Dreams as a way to utilize AI-generated selfies to place users in “fantastical places and scenarios.” Similar to other AI selfie apps, Snapchat will require clear selfies for optimal results, discouraging obstructed views or photos with others in them. The app will also provide instructions to users on capturing shots from various angles, expressions, and lighting conditions to enhance the quality of AI-generated photos.

In addition to allowing users to place themselves in these AI ‘Dreams,’ Snapchat is also developing Dreams with Friends, a feature that enables users to grant permission for their friends to generate AI-generated ‘dream’ images featuring both individuals. References to purchasing Dream Packs within Snapchat’s app suggest that monetization opportunities might be explored in the future.

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The existence of Dreams was first discovered earlier this year by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who revealed that the feature would allow users to incorporate their own likeness into AI-powered realms. Notably, Dreams was given a prominent placement in Snapchat’s app interface, positioned between the Camera Roll and Stories sections.

With the recent advancements surrounding Dreams with Friends and the mention of Dream Packs, it appears that Snapchat is now moving forward with the development and implementation of this innovative generative AI feature. Snapchat users can look forward to unleashing their imagination and creating captivating selfies in imaginative AI-generated scenarios.

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