Uber Developing AI-Powered Chatbot to Enhance Customer Service

AI Chatbot

Uber Incorporating AI into its App

Uber Technologies Inc. is following the trend of companies utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve various aspects of their operations. The ride-sharing giant is currently developing an AI-powered chatbot that will be integrated into its app, according to Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi.

Details Still Under Wraps

While Khosrowshahi did not provide specific details about the capabilities of the chatbot, he did emphasize how Uber already utilizes AI in its business. The algorithms behind the platform’s matching system, which pairs users with vehicles or couriers, are fueled by machine learning. This blend of AI and data analysis takes into account factors such as time of day and distance to optimize the user experience.

Competition in the Delivery Sector

Uber’s delivery rivals, DoorDash Inc. and Instacart Inc., are also investing in chatbot technology to enhance their services. DoorDash is developing a system called DashAI, designed to streamline the ordering process and assist customers in discovering food options within the app. Instacart recently introduced a feature called “Ask Instacart,” powered by OpenAI Inc.’s application programming interface (API), enabling customers to ask questions regarding food preparation.

Uber’s Financial Performance

Despite posting its first-ever operating profit, Uber fell short of revenue estimates, causing a dip of approximately 6% in shares. However, the company’s foray into AI-driven customer service is a significant step towards strengthening its position in the market. More information here

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