Adept AI releases an open source LLM

Releasing Persimmon-8B

Adept AI Unleashes Persimmon-8B: An Open-Source LLM Powerhouse

In a significant development for the world of open-source language models (LLMs), Adept AI has released Persimmon-8B, an impressive and high-performing 8 billion parameter model. Originally known as Adept, the company has now unveiled an open-source LLM that promises enhanced performance and exciting features for developers and researchers alike.

Persimmon-8B, the latest release from Adept AI, showcases the company’s commitment to advancing the field of natural language processing (NLP) through the accessibility of open-source technologies. With its substantial parameter count, this model is poised to deliver exceptional contextual understanding and generation capabilities.

Aside from the impressive parameter count, one notable aspect of Persimmon-8B is the inclusion of inference code. This addition makes it easier for developers to utilize the model and explore its potential applications in various NLP tasks. By providing access to inference code, Adept AI empowers developers to integrate Persimmon-8B into their projects seamlessly.

One intriguing feature of Persimmon-8B is the presence of 70,000 unused embeddings. This unique characteristic opens the door for multimodal extensions, enabling developers to combine textual inputs with other modalities such as images or audio. The availability of these unused embeddings adds a layer of versatility to the model, expanding its potential use cases and facilitating more diverse and creative applications.

The release of Persimmon-8B is a testament to Adept AI’s dedication to advancing the capabilities of open-source LLMs. By making this powerful model available for public use, Adept AI fosters innovation and collaboration within the AI community. Developers and researchers now have the opportunity to explore the depths of Persimmon-8B, leveraging its capabilities to solve complex NLP tasks and drive advancements in the field.

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Adept AI’s commitment to open-source development aligns with the broader trend of democratizing access to AI technologies. By releasing Persimmon-8B as an open-source LLM, Adept AI enables a wider range of developers to leverage its capabilities and contribute to the ongoing evolution of AI-driven language processing.

With the release of Persimmon-8B, Adept AI joins the growing list of organizations that are pushing the boundaries of open-source LLMs. As the field continues to evolve, these models have the potential to revolutionize industries such as natural language understanding, chatbots, text generation, and more.

The availability of high-performing open-source LLMs like Persimmon-8B provides opportunities for innovation and collaboration across various domains. Researchers and developers can now tap into the power of Persimmon-8B to enhance their projects, create groundbreaking applications, and unlock new possibilities in AI-driven language processing.

Adept AI’s release of Persimmon-8B marks another exciting milestone in the open-source LLM ecosystem. With its remarkable performance, inclusion of inference code, and the potential for multimodal extensions, Persimmon-8B sets the stage for further advancements in AI research and application development.

As the AI community embraces open-source LLMs like Persimmon-8B, we can anticipate a future where language understanding and generation reach unprecedented levels of sophistication. With Adept AI leading the charge, the possibilities for AI-driven innovation are boundless.

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